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Luxurious Modern Apartment Design
19.05.2016 05:55

Have an apartment in the middle of dense urban reply, create you think how for creating the appearance of the apartments you more attractive. You do not want to find comfortable in the apartment you own, that's why you need a glimpse of pearly aesthetic ideas that make you who mismatched designed by Pavel Pisanko.

Which is a one person interior designer, Pavel Pisanko develop creative ideas for making design an apartment together apply pearl own unique aesthetic plan. Fit together the concept, she painted the walls with white color. Further, placing blue-gray in the middle where guests be able to demonstrate this pearl vibe.

Peeked through the window, a pair of chairs near the sofa and artistic paintings and can be seen on the walls.

Pavel did not have time to forget For continuing the many accessories bluish gray in approximately guest rooms as well as in terms of aesthetic ideas that do not disappear charming pearl.

Moving into the kitchen, the color combination of gray and white protruding. He chose a simple size dining table to avoid wearing exceeded by not a few locations. A white curtains and white wooden floors interesting to watch. A luxurious appearance of aesthetic ideas pearl appropriate name sizzler kitchen.

If you have a spacious work room in the apartment that you, do not miss create decorate it together using a plan. As trick he did, Pavel put gray sofa which combined with dark gray on the walls. Pavel Pisanko not select the table real work, but he created from the wall. Not surprisingly, you could see a view of the artistic aesthetic ideas pearls from this location.

Since Start transform an ordinary apartment You are so fantastic together to make the design of all the shared space exceptional aesthetic idea pearls. Pavel Pisanko already made a remarkable result that, into what are you waiting for?

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